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These audio files range up to 70M so could take a bit to download. High speed internet recommended!

A Hunt In The Black Forest. Bob Steele's Opening Theme. (Originally published 1894)
Two Buffaloes by Rolf Harris: A Bob Steele Favorite!
The 20th of May by Joel Leahy his Orchestra and Chorus: Another Bob Steele Favorite!

Announcers' Audition for WTIC. (March 15, 1945)

The War Goes On - June, 1945
Carnival Junior Legion featuring Bob King's daughter Roberta (November 10, 1946)
"The Halls of Ivy" Congratulating WTIC on it's 25th Anniversary. (February 25, 1950) 

Perception (WTIC-TV) with Dick Bertel: The Farmington Canal (1959)
The Broadcaster Suite: Composed for the dedication of Broadcast House in 1961.

Mikeline November 22, 1963 including the shooting of President Kennedy.
Before the shooting.    After the shooting.

The Broadcaster at 40 (February, 1965)

WTIC Hartford CT Sales Presentation 1965. (12:59)  What a find� a true �panoramic� view of �TIC�s broadcast schedule in the days before middle of the road music, casual telephone talk, and women�s programs became pass��.  The presentation features announcers Frank Atwood, Bob Steele (who had been at WTIC a mere 29 years in �65); Robert E. Smith; a �women�s program� with Jean Colbert and Ed Anderson; Bill Hennessey; Dick Bertel; Bob Nelson and Art Johnson.  From the personal collection or Rick Kelley. Comments & Recording courtesy of Rick Kelly of Northeast Air Checks

Here's the infamous Broadcast House Training Manual of how NOT to do it! (From the late 1960's)
Raw Blooper Tape. WARNING: Rated "R" for language! (Also from the late 1960's)

Blizzard of '88 with Frank Atwood. Click here for more info. (ca. 1971)

Sunday Showcase with Arnold Dean (February 14, 1971) 11AM-12 Noon

 Part 1                             Part 2

"The Stars Sing at Christmas" with Robert E. Smith (December 24, 1973)

Nightline with John Stevens and guest Greg Morris. Click here for more info. (July 19, 1974)

50th Anniversary excerpts from Charles Jordan (Note: From Youtube)

WTIC Outdoors with Bill Clede (May 4, 1976)

Mikeline with John Stevens (Sept. 15, 1976)

Dean's List with Arnold Dean - Final Show (October 8, 1976)

Last Lou Palmer Show Part 1Last Hour of Last Lou Palmer Show 5-5:30P (Feb. 11, 1977)

Last Lou Palmer Show Part 2Last Hour of Last Lou Palmer Show 5:30P-6P (Feb. 11 1977)

Sports Talk with Arnold Dean 5th Anniversary (October 12, 1981)

Part 1                            Part 2

Arnold Dean interview with Ted Williams and Lefty Craig (March, 1985)

Montage of Bob Steele's career and acceptance speech into the National Radio Hall of fame.

        (Go to 1995 and choose Bob Steele!)

Newscast by drunk newscaster (December 25, 1985)

WTIC's 75th Anniversary February 25, 2000
Part 1                            Part 2             Part 3         
Bob Steele's Play by Play Audition (Date Unknown)
Bob Steele's Last Show November 2, 2002 (Audio courtesy of Mike Hickcox, WTIC Producer & News Anchor 1978-1982)

5:30-6:00AM    9:38-10:00AM

WTIC SALUTES BOB STEELE (Dec. 7, 2002, after Bob's passing December 6, 2002)

At the end of April, 2007, WTIC celebrated 50 years of broadcasting the Red Sox ballgames.
Arnold Dean was invited to sit in the broadcast booth during the third inning of the Red Sox/Yankees game at Fenway.
   Interview with Larry Lucchino, President and CEO of the Red Sox during Sports Talk before the game.
   Broadcast of the Red Sox Third Inning.

Bill Hennessey talk to the Newington Kiwanis about Old Time Radio (August 31, 2009)

WJMJ Tributes to Bob Ellsworth (Aired 10/09/2009-10/12/2009) Courtesy Walt Pinto
Dick Bertel Comments
Arnold Dean Comments
Bill Hennessey Comments
Dick Robinson Comments
Dick Newcity Comments
Fred Swanson Comments
Dick McDonough Comments
Steve Parker Comments
Bob Ellsworth memorial "Boobs Meeting" October 26, 2009 as covered by wnpr.org

WTIC: Remembering Arnold Dean 12/10/2012 Hour 1 Hour 2 Hour 3 (Copyright & Thanks to WTIC)

CT Radio Memories (Courtesy of WWUH)
Private Album from WTIC


Courtesy of Dennis House of WFSB we have various Face the State Flashbacks of WTIC-TV

Here is the first sign on of WTIC-TV3 in 1957!

Here is silent footage of Constitution Plaza, ca. 1966-1967.

WTIC Studios Retrospective (1967-1978)

"6 O'Clock Report", WTIC-TV CH 3, March 1, 1974

Interview between Bob Steele and Bill Lee of the Hartford Courant, March 7, 1974

WFSB TV3 interview with Arnold Dean on February 3, 2007.
WCVB TV, Boston segment on New England Radio, including sections about WTIC. March 5, 2007

A History: Channel 3's first 50 years as aired on WFSB's "Face the State" on Sunday, September 23, 2007.
                Courtesy of WFSB.

Analog Signoff of WFSB: June 12, 2009
Bill Hennessey's talk to the Kiwanis about Old Time Hartford Radio August 31, 2009
John Ramsey's talk to the Newington Amateur Radio Leage about Hartford Radio History, December 6, 2010

Floyd Richard's Obituary on WFSB, August 19, 2011

Hartford Public Library Celebrates Bob Steele, December 8, 2011
Common Sense Connecticut Interview 01/2013


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